Silage Cattle Feed

Farmers Should Include Silage in Cow Feed

Silage Cattle Feed: The feeding practices adopted by cattle farmers greatly impact the animals’ capacity for milk production and consequently, the profitability of dairy farming. Most farmers struggle with cultivating the right quantity and quality of fodder. Typically, dairy farmers follow the daily cut-and-carry system, wherein the required quantity of fodder is harvested on a daily basis, chaffed and then Continue Reading

CIDR Protocol

Applications of CIDR Protocol in Management of Anestrus in Cattle

Anestrus and its Causes in Dairy Animals Anestrus is functional disorder of the reproductive cycle characterized by cyclicity failure-absence of heat signs. In simple meaning when cow and buffalo does not show signs of heat (Estrus). They are termed as anestrus. It is one of the most commonly occurring reproductive problems of cattle in India affecting livestock productivity and economics Continue Reading